How to Avoid the Most Common CPAP Machine Side Effects

How to Avoid the Most Common CPAP Machine Side Effects

Because it is safe, non-invasive, and, most importantly, effective, CPAP therapy is regarded as the gold standard in treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, like with any therapeutic option, it is not without danger of negative effects.

The adverse effects of CPAP use are normally moderate, but they might be unpleasant enough to cause some patients to discontinue and sent their cpap machines for sale. Fortunately, these problems are also easily treated, so before you abandon CPAP, consider the alternatives listed below.

We’ve gathered a list of the most frequent CPAP-related issues and solutions to or avoidance of these issues!

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How to Avoid the Most Common CPAP Machine Side Effects

CPAP Complications and Solutions

Difficulties with Exhalation

While most CPAP users adjust well to their therapy, some may find it difficult to exhale against the constant flow of air. Even if adequate air is allowed, this might cause a sense of shortness of breath.

How to Prevent It

  • First, experiment with the exhalation relief settings on your CPAP machine. This is commonly referred to as EPR, A-Flex, C-Flex, or SmartFlex. Whatever you call it, it reduces the pressure on your exhale.
  • Talk to your doctor about changing your pressure settings. It would be best if you never tried to change your pressure settings without first seeing a specialist.
  • Consult your doctor about using an APAP machine. APAPs, also known as AutoCPAP devices, employ modern algorithms to monitor your breathing pattern and change your pressure as needed.
  • Sometimes, your doctor may advise you to use a BiPAP machine. BiPAPs, also known as Bi-Level CPAPs, has two pressure settings. A greater inhalation pressure provides the necessary support to prevent apnea, while a lower exhalation pressure allows for a more natural breathing rhythm.

Dehydrated Mouth

Mouth breathers are more likely to wake up with a dry mouth or throat, which, like nasal congestion, is produced by inhaling dry, pressured air.

Though it is more likely in those who use a full-face mask, “mouth leak” can also occur in individuals who use a nasal pillow mask or nasal mask. When you sleep with your mouth open, air pressure escapes via the open mouth when you exhale.

How to Prevent It

Regardless of your mask style, a CPAP humidifier will provide moisture to soften the airflow. If you wear a nasal pillow mask or nasal mask, you should also wear a chinstrap. CPAP chinstraps are meant to be used in conjunction with your CPAP system and gently keep your mouth closed while sleeping.

Nasal Obstruction

Congestion or inflammation of the nasal passages is one of the most prevalent adverse effects of CPAP treatment. This includes symptoms such as a stuffy nose, a runny nose, a burning sensation, or nosebleeds.

Nasal congestion is produced by the passage of dry, pressurised air through the sinuses, and it is most common in those who have regular sinus infections.

How to Prevent It

Try a nasal saline spray to moisten your nasal passages for short-term relief.

Consider utilising a CPAP humidifier for long-term care. Humidification provides moisture to the airflow, reducing dryness and discomfort. A heated humidifier softly heats the air while it hydrates, providing additional comfort and a more natural sensation.

Aversion to heights

New CPAP users may struggle to acclimate to the sensation of wearing a CPAP mask and tubing. This is especially important for individuals who need a full-face mask. While the sensation normally fades away with time and experience, it might make it difficult to use your CPAP machine daily.

How to Prevent It

Start slowly by using CPAP treatment while awake for short periods. Then, while reading or watching TV in bed, consider wearing your CPAP mask (with your CPAP equipment powered on).

If you need a full-face mask, choose a minimal-contact design, such as the ResMed AirFit F30 or the DreamWear Full Face Mask.

How to Avoid the Most Common CPAP Machine Side Effects

Bloating, gas, and burping

Higher pressure settings increase the likelihood of swallowing air, a condition known as “aerophagia.” When continuous positive airway pressure flow becomes too difficult to breathe against, it may reroute into your oesophagus. Bloating, burping, stomach discomfort and gas are all symptoms of aerophagia.

How to Prevent It

Talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist …

CPAP Machine Parts Replacement and Maintenance 

CPAP Machine Parts Replacement and Maintenance 

Patients with sleep apnea who use CPAP therapy must undertake periodic maintenance on their Machine to have the best outcomes. Cleaning elements including CPAP masks, humidifiers, and tubing on a regular basis is part of this maintenance plan. CPAP Machine and parts must also be replaced on a regular basis due to normal wear and tear. When it comes to changing old or worn-out CPAP Machine, patients should tread carefully on the side of caution, as utilising products that have outlived their specified lifespan may reduce the efficacy of your CPAP therapy.

Cleaning Routines for CPAP Machine

The most essential advantage of cleaning your sleep apnea machine on a regular basis is that it helps to guarantee that your CPAP therapy is hygienic and safe. A further benefit of frequent cleaning is enhanced part longevity and performance. This is especially true with CPAP mask cushions, which come into direct contact with the patient’s face and acquire dirt and dust, compromising an efficient seal.

Air Liquid Healthcare usually advocate that users clean their CPAP mask cushions at least every other day because this will help to reduce the amount of oil on them and get them to seal better. Every couple of weeks, clean the hose and tubing by running them through vinegar to sterilise them and then rinsing it away. A CPAP cleaner can help to simplify and speed the cleaning procedure. 

CPAP Machine Parts Replacement and Maintenance 

Replacement of CPAP Supplies and Parts

CPAP Machine must be replaced on a regular basis, with some pieces lasting longer than others. Indeed, several CPAP components, notably filters, are intended to be discarded. Other elements, while more robust, must be replaced at varied intervals. Patients should also maintain backups of important components on hand, especially masks, tubing, and seals, because a malfunctioning part might render your CPAP therapy useless until a replacement comes.

The CPAP machine replacement and maintenance advice shown below are basic guidelines provided for our clients’ convenience. As usual, contact your insurance provider directly for their exact restrictions regarding replacement, as well since the permission and reimbursement procedure, as they might vary depending on the insurance company and individual plan advantages.

Replacement Schedules for CPAP Machine: 

CPAP Hose and Tubing

CPAP tubing may last a long time if they are cleaned periodically and are not punctured. While heated tubing is costlier, it requires the same maintenance and replacement intervals as standard tubing. Some advices that a CPAP tubing should be changed every month, but the cost of doing that may be to bearing on you. Our recommendation is that, as long as you can keep the tube clean as often as possible, then, you wouldn’t need a monthly replacement plan for it. Although, it is also advisable to always have a spare in case one fails or got punctured. 

Our recommended timeline for CPAP tubing replacement is 3 months – provided it is been maintained properly. 

CPAP Filters

CPAP filters differ from machine to machine, but there are two fundamental types: the disposable kind and non-disposable type. Disposable filters, as the name indicates, are usually intended for a single use, before being discarded, necessitating at least a monthly replacement. Most non-disposable filters are made of foam and may be cleaned and reused, needing less frequent replacement.

Our recommended timeline for CPAP disposable filter usage is at least 2 per month, while two permanent filter can be used for a 6 months period. 

CPAP Machine Parts Replacement and Maintenance 

CPAP Masks and Cushions

Air Liquid Healthcare recommends that you should replace your CPAP masks every three months, but mask cushions should be replaced more frequently. Patients can extend the life of their mask cushions by cleaning them on a regular basis or using CPAP mask wipes, but the cushion material will eventually deteriorate and need to be replaced with a new unit. Nasal masks and nasal pillows should be replaced more frequently, up to twice a month, and full-face mask cushions should be changed monthly.

We recommend that you change your mask seals once a month or such. Although, you don’t have to do that if you clean them thoroughly often, but a fresh cushion tends to result in better sealing. Having a spare mask and cushion backup on hand is …

Using your contact lens after LASIK

Using your contact lens after LASIK

A frequently asked question before eye surgery lasik is, “When must I quit using contact lenses before LASIK?”

Nearly all physicians will suggest that you refrain from using contact lenses for a specified time period before your LASIK treatment. Certainly, most physicians are going to specify some time during which people must be with no contact lenses prior to gathering pre-operative measures.

Picture Containing The Doctor Checking up th patation

The quantity of time your doctor hints you refrain from using contact lenses differs per doctor. The reasons the doctor advises individuals to stay away from contact lenses are almost surely the same. This’s exactly why eye surgery lasik individuals have to refrain from using contact lenses.

1. Contact lenses produce corneal edema, which could impede the reliability of vital eye procedures taken before surgery.

2. Contact lenses might aggravate the eyes. eyes that are Dry may well impede the healing process after surgery. Visit to read about Use these preemptive tips before going for LASIK.

When to Discontinue Contact Lens Wearing 

We suggest that individuals refrain from using soft contact lenses 5 days ahead of their pre-eye surgery lasik examination. If the individual is now using toric contact lenses our experts suggest they be eliminated for 10 days before preoperative measurements. Our contact lenses of ours are astigmatism correcting contact lenses. This type of contact lens usually suits the eye more well, so the patient’s eyes take much longer to go back to their usual, unaffected shape. Our physicians suggest that patients refrain from using contact lenses for 14 days before the process day for both toric and soft lenses.

Exceptions to the Generally Accepted Rules 

Different kinds of contact lenses will snap for different amounts of time. in case you use rigid gas permeable contact lenses or maybe challenging contact lenses, the physicians of ours are going to prescribe an extended time off of lenses than if you are wearing soft contact lenses. Nearly all people that use a difficult or maybe gas permeable contact lens will call for a minimum of 6 days with no contact lenses.  You can also read about lasik eye surgery by clicking here.

Doctors suggest taking a week off from contact lenses for each decade spent utilizing tough lenses. For the vast majority of the time needed to stay lens-free, our physicians will help the individual in transitioning to soft lenses. Nevertheless, the physician might need the individual to be contact lens free at times.

Ironically, the physician might occasionally urge people wear contact lenses before eye surgery lasik to see a particular kind of vision, like monovision. The patient might attempt it for a bit period of time, like an hour or 2. Conversely, the individual might test the monovision contact lenses before the requisite contact lens-free period.

Rest Your Eyes 

Following eye surgery lasik While eye surgery lasik is amazing and also involves minimal healing time, it’s nevertheless a medical operation. As with every operation, it’s crucial to start your recovery of yours on a good note. The best point you are able to do after your eye surgery lasik procedure is returning sleep and home.

a women giving rest her eyes

You might have several small discomforts when the numbing eye drops fade away. Resting your eyes after the usage of otc pain treatment is regarded as a useful method to ease some discomfort you might have. Even in case, you’re powerless to drift off, closing your eyes of yours and relaxing for 2 to 3 hours after eye surgery lasik is beneficial.

Take it Slowly

You might feel marvelous after eye surgery lasik. Lots of people see an immediate improvement in their vision of theirs after the procedure!

Nevertheless, that doesn’t indicate you need to instantly start doing intense activities. Along with your eyes of yours, you require recovery after eye surgery lasik.

You need to rest for no less than one day or perhaps 2 after eye surgery lasik. This’s not the time frame to start training for a marathon, binge-watching movies for 12 hours, or maybe spending time on the net.

Instead of that, you need to make an attempt to relax your eyes of yours and prevent excessive use of any electronic gadget. …

Use these preemptive tips before going for LASIK

Use these preemptive tips before going for LASIK

When you are contemplating eye surgery lasik to be able to eliminate your glasses of yours and contact lenses, the possibility of actually experiencing the procedure might allow you to feel both apprehensive and eager. For most of us, knowing what you should expect is quite advantageous. All things considered, surprises are terrific for anniversaries and birthdays, but not a lot for our eyes of ours. As a result, this particular article is going to focus on supplying you with information that is valuable on what to anticipate on your big day of yours, in addition to a few useful suggestions for ensuring an uncomplicated and smooth therapy and recovery.

Before you go for eye surgery lasik Your very first step toward lasik eye surgery is contacting our Chat and Institute with one of our experienced counselors who’ll happily respond to any and your thoughts over the telephone. Our counselors have undergone specialized training to be able to aid you properly over the phone without requiring you to be available and see a physician to remove all your fundamental concerns answered.

eye surgery lasik

Friday’s account just for the great bulk of procedure days at the Institute of ours. This’s because many individuals have expressed just how handy it’s having eye surgery lasik on the very first day associated with a 3-day weekend.

Plan on eating frequently and taking your usual medications as directed by your typical doctor on the morning of your surgery of yours. We are going to request you arrange for somebody to carry you home after your operation of yours, and it’s suggested you dress comfortably so you might recover afterward.

You’ll be provided with a mild sedative to aid you in relaxing before to surgery of yours. It is usually an excellent idea for individuals because the tablet enables them to relax a bit and also allows them to sleep well thereafter. Often, individuals state that their post-eye surgery lasik slumber was the best they have previously had!

LASIK Surgery

lasik surgery room

At our facility of ours, the LASIK procedure takes around 10 minutes for equal eyes. The bulk of individuals have 3 simple issues with eye surgery lasik:

  • What if I blink?
  • What if I shift my gaze?
  • Is it likely to be very painful?

What happens if I blink?

The solution to this particular query is straightforward: you’re not allowed to blink during your operation of yours. The doctors are going to use a gentle lid holder to stop you from blinking, so there’s simply no demand for you to be worried about which!

What if I shift my gaze?

This’s a great question. Our Institute’s eye surgery lasik physicians have opted to do the procedure utilizing a therapy laser furnished with a computerized, ultra-fast eye monitoring system that operates at a speed of 500 times per minute. The procedure (excimer) laser that our Institute’s specialists use provides the fastest eye tracker obtainable in the United States, therefore you do not need to concern yourself with your eye surgery lasik process being damaged by body movements. You can read about Tips to help you stay calm before LASIK by visiting

Can it be going to be very painful?

While the therapy is unpleasant, the great bulk of individuals doesn’t utilize the term “pain” for describing their eye surgery lasik experience. The eyes are numbed with eye drops (there are not any needles in the procedure room) of ours, and also the one feeling patients think of during the treatment is stress on the eye for around 30 45 seconds.

After LASIK surgery 

Once the therapy is done and you open your eyes of yours, you’ll instantly notice your perception is very different than it was just before wearing glasses or maybe contact lenses. The bulk of individuals describe their experience of theirs as being comparable to opening their eyes underwater or even wearing cloudy glasses, although everything isn’t immediately clear, they’re astounded at whatever they could see. Lots of individuals, especially those who used thicker glasses before eye surgery lasik, weep tears of enjoyment at the possibility of knowing a loved one across the room instead of seeing lights and shapes as they did just 10 minutes …

Tips to help you stay calm before LASIK

Tips to help you stay calm before LASIK

LASIK surgery has never ever been much more popular. Eye surgery lasik is now more accessible, safe, and useful as an outcome of technical advances.

You may also know somebody that has earlier undergone eye surgery lasik. Maybe you have contemplated it on your own.

Picture contaning womens talking

Nevertheless, any operation, including one like eye surgery lasik, might be scary. You will be worried before getting eye surgery lasik.

Nevertheless, you will find methods to relieve your concerns of yours and also make sure you get into eye surgery lasik comfortable, peaceful, and in command. Keep on reading for 4 ideas on how you can relax before eye surgery lasik!

1. Have an authentic conversation with your surgeon

The first and most crucial step in conquering anxiety is education. Knowing what you should expect could create a world of difference to your mental health of yours.

Thus, see your doctor well ahead of time of getting eye surgery lasik to deal with some queries or concerns you might have. The doctor yours needs to have no trouble explaining what you should expect. When the unknowns are eliminated, it becomes easier to feel confident with eye surgery lasik!

Remember that, while eye surgery lasik does include using a laser, the method is totally painless. You are going to remain aware, though your eyes of yours will likely be completely numbed as an outcome of the numbing eye drops.

No injections are needed! Certain physicians even prescribe anti-anxiety medicine to their patients of theirs.

This’s a great technique to help them in calming their anxiety of theirs. Inquire about what your surgeon of yours is able to do to aid you in case you foresee being very apprehensive.

2. Experiment with Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a superb approach for relieving pressure in an assortment of scenarios. Nevertheless, you need to have a little expertise with it before utilizing it on the morning of your eye surgery lasik procedure.

Probably the most crucial component of deep breathing is keeping a constant speed of exhalation and inhalation. Excessive rapid breathing may well cause hyperventilation, and that is the reverse of everything you wish.

Consider doing he lies down. Next, when you inhale, hold your breath of yours, then exhale, and count the seconds. You can also read about Using your contact lens after LASIK by visiting

You will find videos out there that demonstrate different relaxing breathing methods. Experiment with a number of different strategies to aid you in preparing for your surgery of yours.

3. Enjoy Music

It may be hard to keep your composure of yours as the morning of your performance approaches. On the morning of the process, you might pick to plan certain ways for self-calming while in the waiting room and during medical preparation.

you could possibly distract yourself by hearing music

Apart from doing deep breathing, you could possibly distract yourself by hearing music. During the surgery, your physician of yours may even allow you to listen to music. Make sure you go over it with them ahead of time!

4. Involve a Friend

Having a companion is a superb strategy to divert your attention of yours while simultaneously offering a shoulder to count on. You are going to require transportation to and from your LASIK operation. You can also read about Laser eye surgery by clicking here.

All things considered; you’re not allowed to drive yourself house after treatment! It is advisable to bring along good family members or friends.

They could delay along with you within the lobby and also help you in relaxing before the procedure. They will be there to aid you in de-stressing following the event.

Eye surgery lasik doesn’t have to be scary. The operation is substantially less complicated compared to what most people believe. All that you have to accomplish is have a tranquil state of mind!

After eye surgery lasik, the way to take care of your eyes Please remember that your particular post-operative care is equally as crucial as the laser eye surgery itself. You have to plan your initial post-operative appointment with our Los Angeles office within twenty-four hours following your surgery of yours.

You must continue using your eye medications immediately following …